Welcome to the blog. I am Sugam and in this site, I review books, provide recommendations and more.


Malavikagnimitram By Kalidasa

Malavikagnimitran revolves around 2 central characters as evidenced by the very title : Malavika and Agnimitra. Malavika is the princess of a neighboring kingdom staying as a simple actress in the court of Agnimitra after fleeing her own native state of Vidharva. The love story of the two, laded on every other line with similes, makes up the bulk of the story while the other historical events and the intrigues that made Malavika flee are told in passing, especially at the end.More

Frankenstein By Mary Shelly Book Review

Frankenstein is now a world renowned classic of Gothic horror. The beautiful prose, the mesmerizing descriptions of the natural combined with the constant undertone of grief and glooms renders it a work par excellence. Yet it would be injustice to say that Frankenstein is just a petty horror story, it is something more than that.More

Siddhartha by Herman Hesse

Siddhartha who wants to understand the meaning of life changes his path from way of Brahmins to way of Shamanas, then he tries to follow the way of Buddha. Somewhere along he ventures into the city and with the idea that he has the skill of patience woos a wealthy escort and turns into a rich trader. Finally after many long years of enjoying material riches, he gets out of the city and lives along a ferryman called Vasudeva. More


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